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Ready to Break Away from the Norm?

The best that nature has to offer to bring out the best in you.

Meet Brooke Mangum

CEO of Opta Nevada

Brooke received her degree in Mass Communications and broadcasting from the University of Utah. She has co-hosted a regional morning show, Wasatch 360, on FOX and is currently hosting Fresh Living on KUTV. In addition to television, Brooke was a radio personality with iHeartMedia on stations across the country.

Brooke formed Opta Nevada Group after seeing the positive impact CBD products were having in her life and the lives of her friends and family. After a lengthy period and product diligence, Brooke realized that not all CBD products are the same and the lack of education in the space made it difficult to decipher one product from the next. Realizing there was a lack of quality products in the market, Brooke leveraged her relationships to build a team that includes health and wellness experts, product formulation specialists and technology executives that understand how to creatively activate and drive growth around consumer product brands.

Brooke is a doer, always testing what she creates for efficacy, and always focusing on what her target core demographic is looking for from each product. Brooke lives a healthy lifestyle, spending much of her time outside and acting not only as the CEO but best brand ambassador ONG could have hoped for. Brooke brings a tremendously strong network to ONG in the form of media relationships and as a model for the most of her adult life, has access to strong health and wellness experts and brand ambassadors motivated to support and promote ONG products.

Meet Clark Kingshorn

Chief Compliance Officer

By practice, Dr. Clark is a Federally accredited veterinarian strategically involved in several animal disease eradication programs. As President of Nature’s Energy, Dr. Clark created and executed the regulatory management protocols still in use today.

Dr. Clark's knowledge and training in the dietary supplement and pharmaceutical industry led him to be a sought after technical consultant on manufacturing, labeling, holding, distribution, and compliance protocols

Meet Steve Gunn

CTO of Opta Nevada

Recognizing the unique challenges inherent in Direct to Consumer CPG marketing, Steve Gunn developed an omni-channel marketing platform designed to improve revenue per engagement while maximizing the efficiency of each marketing dollar spent.

Created through a combination of purpose-built and off-the shelf marketing technology solutions, the “Routr” platform tracks and optimizes each touchpoint in the consumer journey.

Steve understands and has a deep history monetizing CPG products. Using Routr in conjunction with available ad inventory, ONG targets bids to the most profitable ad-units during the most profitable times of the day for campaigns.

Steve is accelerating ONG growth and will continue to successfully scale ad-spend in the most cost effective manner to further drive revenue.

Meet Amelia

Meet Our Team

Why Naturopathy

What makes Opta Nevada Different?

White Structure

All of our product lines are made with performance in mind. Our manufacturing facilities produce powders, oils and liquids. We also carry a line of softgels and gummies.

Health and Wellness

Your health is our primary focus, our products are geared towards keeping your body in balance.


Want to break away from the norm and keep yourself at peak performance? Our supplements are designed for you.


Quality matters to us and it should matter to you. Our production facility is FDA registered and inspected regularly.


What you put in your body is important to us and should be important to you. All of our products contain safe natural ingredients


We deliver your products direct to your doorstep with no wait. No retail markup or sales people to deal with.

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